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Top 5 Seven Minute Home Workouts


Push-ups are great for the upper body, your shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, and abs will also gain strength. This simple workout is easy to do and not too punishing, a few sets in the morning can get you going, males and females both can benefit form push-ups, if its not a good workout, then why would the military use them.

Star jumps

This fun workout goes well with your favourite tune, it gets the blood flowing and your entire body moves around, the jumping will help your body to target your legs and by swinging your arms in the air will get the blood circulating well for a fresher feeling body. So get the family to join in, trust me, its fun.


No, not ‘Koko Crunch’, crunches, crunches are a great way for you to get that rock solid abs that you keep dreaming about, just seven minutes of crunches you can feel the abdominal muscles tense up, be sure to stretch first, if done wrongly, you might wake and having the worst stomach cramp ever, but the benefits of it are great, lower abs and abs will be strengthened, and your core strength will increase.


Planking used to be a trend on social media, but while you laugh at the silly videos, you might not know that planking is good to keep the bloated belly away and make your stomach area amazingly slim, keep the plank as long as possible, 7 minutes to be exact, see the difference it makes in a month.


Have you seen those magazine editorials where they show their derrière? And you keep asking why its so round, do you want to know the secret? Its SQUATS, squats were used in primary school as a form of punishment for not completing your homework, but we should thank our teachers, its an amazing workout, the gluteus maximus is targeted when doing squats, your lower back, thighs and calves will be exercised too, give it a shot, remember, 7 minutes a day keeps the doctors away.