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Top 5 Positive Energy 101’s

Healthy foods

It is vital to keep a balanced diet so the body may function properly, a good diet will keep your mind sharp and body ready for the day to come, positivity comes from the mind, thus you need to keep a healthy mind for that your diet too must be healthy, a good blend of fibres, carbohydrates and protein can help you sustain throughout they day without an ounce of negativity.


Let’s be frank, you are who you hang around with, if you keep the wrong kind you might be wrong too, but if you keep positive friends around you, it might brush off to you too, so stay positive and keep those positive friends in sight, learn and help each other to achieve your desired success.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy life doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to exercise and eat healthy only; you need to keep count of the little things, for instance, one of my favourite pastimes is gaming, it keeps my brain going and I enjoy doing what I do, so find what suits you best, maybe chess, or painting, whatever adds value to your life, go for it.


Before we go anywhere, have you done at least a 7-minute workout today? If not maybe you should consider doing some light activities, positive energy comes from a fit body, once you feel productive, your body starts to seep in good energy and vibes, this will help reduce stress and make your day a better one, why are you still reading this? Go out there an have some fun playing the sport you love.

Doing what you love

I know, I know, it’s not that simple, doing what you love may be the hardest to do, why? Maybe because it can’t put food on the table, or the people you care about disagree on the things you love most, but that shouldn’t stop you, if you’re an entrepreneur like me but you have a day job, start a small business on the side that you can manage part-time or you don’t have to be there physically like an online business, if its painting, then spend 10 minutes a day after work painting or sketching in a small drawing pad, if you love music, rock on every weekend with your band, it is important to do what you love, it’s a good morale boost and you’ll intensify your positive energy.