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Top 5 Company of Heroes Infantry


U.S. Forces Rifleman

U.S. Forces Rifleman, this base infantry is undoubtedly the best infantry unit in COH2. Versatile and powerful, a full squad consists of 6 riflemen. They can be equipped with grenades and acquire anti-tank grenades once they gain veterancy. To bring more firepower to the battlefield, they can be equipped with the Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R), light machinegun for suppressing fire and a Bazooka to take down vehicles and buildings.


Russian Shock Troops

The Russian Shock Troopers are tough and can prove themselves to be deadly for an opponent. Equipped with the PPSH submachine gun, they can take down an opponents unit with ease at close ranges, Equipped with frontal body armour and arrive on the battlefield with 6 men, they can inflict heavy damage to other infantry units with grenades and deploy smoke if they need a quick escape.


Wehrmacht Panzergrenadiers

Panzergrenadiers are elite infantry wielding the famous STG 44 assault rifle, they are good at any range but really shine in medium to close range combat, can be equipped with a machinegun or the panzerschrek to take out the heaviest of tanks, can be used mainly for anti infantry tactics and best supported by other core infantry unit.


British Commandos

Commandos are elite infantry; armed initially with silenced Mk.II Sten Submachine guns and can pick up abandoned weapons. Their ability to land behind enemy lines make them dangerous for the opponent as they can disrupt enemy resources and launch guerilla tactics to help their team achieve victory by harassing the opponent. Their ability to construct slit trenches to defend themselves and can setup detectors for radio triangulation.



Obberkommando West Obersoldaten

These infantry units are the most feared type of infantry, if equipped with the MG42, they can simply overrun the enemy due to their high HP, four men can easily bring down 2 core units of infantry, together with panzerschrecks they can take out enemy vehicles and cause a lot of damage to the opposing team, if ever you are pushed back , these are the troops you need to breakthrough the lines and gain a foothold for your team.