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The Impossible Food

I’m sure those meat lovers will cringe just by thinking of vegetarian meat. But here is something interesting that I’ve come across. A company is so revolutionary that they seek to change the way meat is harvested, instead of killing cows for meat they do it a little differently, and nop, I know that you’re thinking but no, the company called Impossible Food is not trying to use tofu to pass it as fake vegetarian meat.


As a matter a fact they recreate meat by using only plants from micro scales. How is that possible? By using neuroscience and molecular science. The company begins with the question, what makes meat, meat? must it come from a livestock?


What stimulation does it take to make your brain to tell you that you are eating meat?


Here is the interesting part. So the company’s team break down a piece of beef, molecule by molecule. The goal is to achieve the same smell, taste, sight and sound beef and amazingly they did. Meat mainly consists of protein, by harvesting protein from plants and line them in structures of meat, you will get the textures of a typical meat. The oil in the fatty juicy meat can be substituted by other plant-based oils.



Still with all these been said it is still not convincing enough for it to smell or taste anything like beef. The Impossible Food discovers a crucial component that makes beef taste as it is and gives it the color and smells when it’s cooked. That molecule is called leghemoglobin in short “heme”. It looks, taste, and smell just like blood, but don’t freak out. It is extracted from plants. So when everything is put together, you have a 100% vegan meat that taste, smell, look feel like meat. Your brain will not be able to tell the differences whether it’s a real meat or a meat made without killing. They are one amazing company you guys can always check them out on the net. Stay healthy!