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Swing Rope To Get Fit

Battle rope training is the boom lately. It uses heavy ropes tied to the wall and you start swinging it with all you got! Trust me this workout is a killer, but it’s worth it. Rope training helps to tone your muscles and helps to build stamina.

A little info about battle rope training, it does sound like it can only target the upper body muscles, but nope, that not the case. Once you incorporate movement and squats in the battle rope training routine it the workout targets your whole body.

Many celebrities have been doing this work out as it is very effective and you can DIY one at your home, all you need is two fat ropes and nail it on to your wall. There you have it your personal gym.

All in all, you guys know the drill. The rule of thumb on starting any workout is to take it slow at the beginning, let your body get accustomed to your workout routine and advance from there on. Stay in healthy everyone. Healthy body, healthy life!