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Stuck or Growing

First Stage: Being The Victims

Most people will start from this stage, study shows that many will start from from this stage where they put the blame on others. Yes, it is the easiest way to let go the feeling of insecure and low self esteem. 

Our brain will look for the easiest way out first to produce happy hormones and move on with our lives. Moving on and moving forward are two different things. 

Moving on is like hopping around and looking for that secure feeling and acceptance. Often being the victims of a situation and see things from a bad perspectives. 

Moving forward is like learning from every positive/negative situation and apply from what is learned for a better future or results. 

Most people can portray being positive but still feel negative within. A great person once said ,”You can’t live a positive life with a negative heart”. 

How to know if you are in this stage?

  1. Always complaining: on little things and big things, complaining is the first thing that come out from the mind. (saying out loud or not)
  2. Fear of communicating: with other people, scared of rejection, scared of being judge and always looking for acceptance from others. (wants more likes on social media or praise by others)
  3. Lower Self: Low self confident, everything seems wrong or not how you wanted it to be.

Would want to know the solutions? Just keep reading…

Second Stage: 

Right…. You are still reading, it simply means that you want more out of your life? True?

In this stage, there two inner level that you need to know. It gets deeper. 

Level 1: Surface Self Awareness 

This is you had a hunch or a small instinct kicks in but you only put a side eye to it. Simply means you had an inner calling to do more in your life but you still play with logic and have self dis-belief or still looking for a ‘solid, easy solution to get where you want’ , afraid of the so called ‘risk’. 

In other words, still looking for that magic pill and tempted in get rich quick scheme.

The reason for being at this level is that, you are not trying enough things and still afraid of losing and rejection. Low Self Esteem still plays a big role here. 

It can be about:

  1. Health and wellness
  2. Getting the Desired Income Level
  3. Not willing to do more or learn New Things

Level 2: Deep Self Awareness

This is where the GREAT journey begins.

You started to believe on the things that matters. You are more aware of yourself in terms of health, knowledge, skills sets and have deeper drive towards success. You are believing in yourself more than others. Others opinion matters less. 

You believe in ‘there’s more to life than just being normal’. You are hungry for more skills and knowledge to transform your life, health and wealth to achieve next level. 

You are ready to grow and do new things, there’s no such things as risk as you start to realise in the abundance of the world can provide you. 

You are Currently:

  1. Reading more books
  2. Go to seminars and classes and makes you a better person
  3. You have more positive friends and you ignored your old friends, current friends. You have new friends to start your new beginning. 

Third Stage: Growth

You are unstoppable, you know now that you had read more books, gone to many seminars and classes, you even got yourself a coach or mentor. At this stage, it’s only about energy management, not time management. 

You focus your energy for the things that really matters to you. You are good communicator. It can be with your family, spouse, friends and anyone surrounds you. 

Applying all the relevant learned knowledge to grow your income and expect nothing less. This is a good progress. Progress mean happiness, the further you are in your personal growth, the better you will get in creating wealth and health. 

For a fact, you even starting to teach and help others that really wants your help to succeed too. 

At this stage:

  1. You believe in abundance and there’s more to life than just being normal. You don’t to be good, you want to be great. 
  2. You hang out with few people that can grow and pushes you hire. (not about negative or positive friends anymore but friends or partners that support and contribute in your life progress)
  3. You have better clarity and life mission. You are in the state of limitless and failures are only temporary. You believe in, “Failures builds miles stones for success”. You are willing to fail and learn from so you can grow better in your life. 


  1. Be aware and admit your current level of health and income. After that, ask the question if you want to improve on it and why. After that, ask when you want to achieve and get to know the how.
  2. You are the 5 people you meet everyday, physically and virtually. If you want to be better in your health and fitness, follow those who made it and learn from, commit to their coaching session and classes. If you want more money, realise your current income and learn from those who has more than you, read their books and go seminars.
  3. Be grateful on the little things and big things that you have daily. It will create an energy for you to push towards success and gain momentum towards it.
  4. Learn on the things that you want to improve on. Use 10% of your monthly income and invest in personal growth. For example, invest in the skills to make high income, not invest in platforms or products to sell yet. The skills you have will determine your income. The more skills you have, the more income you will make. 
  5. Believe: Start believing in yourself, ignore other people’s opinion. Yes you can listen advise but it doesn’t mean you should take it. You can use the advise that contribute to your personal growth. Believe in your intuition.