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Player Unknown Battle Ground

As much as I love sharing business news and tips. Like everyone else, I love games too. The game called Player Unknown Battleground in short “pubg” is the most hyped game lately, because of its open fields and gameplay concept it has attracted countless of player.


The revolutionary game allows players to interact with the surrounding buildings, objects and use it to scavenge weapons in order to survive further in the game. The thrill of having unknown people hiding in the corner at any time, each and every step of the way force the players to stay alert to their surroundings.



This adrenaline rush stimulating game is the “thing” because the gameplay allows players to engage in not just a typical long distance shooting game, but sniper range combat that is longer than any other shooter games.


In case you don’t have a gun, you can engage in close combat or by using other surrounding interactions to tackle your enemy, such as by using a frying pan lying around.