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Gut Supplements For Healthier Colon!

Keeping what’s inside your body healthy is quite a challenge when it comes to eating habit of a Malaysian. You we love all things curry, fried and sweet. Our gut have trillions of bacteria residing in it and some bacteria are good and some are bad. Those good bacteria called Probioticss helps to fight off bad bacteria to keep your colon healthy, improves your immune system and helps with your digestion. Sadly, many people neglect our poor good bacteria friend and keep eating foods that are fueling the bad bacteria.  Although Probiotics can also be found in fermented food like miso and kimchi  but most people ought for Probiotics supplements for convenience sake.

But there are so many options in the pharmacy and I don’t know which would work the best. Luckily I found an article stating this 4 simple rules to follow when buying a Probiotics that is able to safely reach your gut before it dies off while swimming in your stomach acid. Here are the 6 important rule when purchasing a probiotics

  1. Choose a Probiotics with at least 10 strain / type of bacteria
  2. Must have at least 15billion culture count. This means the total bacteria per capsule.
  3. Choose a Probiotics with a delayed release so it can resist the stomach acid,
  4. Make sure both even count of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. As Lactobacillus cares for your small intestine and Bifidobacterium is needed by your big intestine. To have equal count of both will give you maximum benefit.

I hope the information provided is helpful for you all my friends.  Stay healthy!