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There are two ways to Level Up your Life. 


1. You go through TREMENDOUS PAIN AND AGONY searching for that ‘magic’ and ‘luck’


2. You can learn and apply from this CIRCLE and build a NEW surroundings of support to reach your goals. 


Let’s just say you choose to learn from POSITIVE IMPACTFUL Circle. True? 

You are, the five people you're with daily.

This includes your social media feeds.

WHY is it important
to have a great circle?

Gives faster results

Learn the proven strategies and never to repeat their mistakes. Save you time and energy.

connect with likeminded friends and family

Have a clear vision and achieve your wildest GOAL. Yes, See it for yourself.

scale your passion into financial confidence

Believe in your instinct that your passion will lead to your greatest victory in life. Find out how you can start.

help and impact others with your messages

This is very important, always share and lift others that needs your voice, your inspiration.

DOn't Join if..

You're already comfortable

If you are making enough. That;s fine.

scared of improvement

The world is abundance, only if you can see that.

don't want to scale up

Financial Success is not about money. It is about having more time and happiness. Agree?

expect instant 'magic'

Sorry there's no magic pill, but we only can show you 'The How' and 'past mistakes'. We are not god.


Road map/ inblu Print

Create a clear path and smash away distraction, so you can push forward faster and stronger.

Get updates

Sharing valuable insights, ideas and knowledge. It is not just THEORIST but APPLICABLE PROVEN RESULTS.

No coding needed

Only a normal human being required here.

Listen LIVE and take note

We show you the real deal through videos, photos and many more.

Frequently asked questions

We focus in sharing crucial entrepreneurial skills to adapt in the ONLINE DIGITAL WORLD. Yes it can be applied offline too.

For this circle, it is free. Want more premium and advance course. Have to be in a waitlist first. We have to choose, we can’t help everyone. We are not like Superman or anything like that.

It is not for everyone. It only suits for those who wants to scale their business and passion through online digital platforms and have more free time.

We are not superman nor god. We can’t promise you the success without applying the shared valuable knowledge. 


We promise you to show you how STEP BY STEP. 

We promise you can have a clearer overview of how your journey towards success can be. 


Possibilities are endless. 

Just click this link and download TELEGRAM APPS. Trust us it is very useful, you will know why soon. Especially for your business. and it’s free.

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About me

I want to be honest with you.

First of all, I’m real, you can type my name (Zaffique) in google, facebook, Instagram, Youtube, twitter, linkedin. You check my previous post. I’ve been around since 2011. I never deleted my previous post, just to see my own progress in life. I have nothing to shy about on my previous life. Got nothing to hide. To prove that everyone can be better and achieve what they want in life. 
My Short Story……
I started my journey as an entrepreneur when on 2013, I’ve tried so many products and investment schemes. I used to sell health products, become an insurance agent, sell food on the streets. I started small and I was doing my business part time. I was working in a company that services ship engines as a desk person (normal 9-5pm). It’s all about hustle and building that side income. 
😞I have failed miserably. Not until the day I got myself a mentor and a coach. I started a new business, selling laptops and phones online. It’s been 3 years now, me and my team are making 30 million within 3 years. On the same time, I’ve been keeping in touch with my other business friends and I told them the formula to use. Their business grew as well.
What the point here?
We have been asking the wrong questions on making more money. Can I share with my mistakes was?
❌I assumed it was the products.
I assumed it was about hustling and not getting my health right.
I assumed it was thinking about making money 24/7 would give me that next idea.
I assumed watching youtubes and read blogs that I could learn the skills that I need.
I assumed that as a fresh graduate that I’m smart enough to do business. 
I assumed wrong…..
All you need was a mentor, a coach. The different is I’ve paid and committed to invest in the knowledge and guidance. I could have just do that before…
I didn’t realise to a point when I keep on failing all over again for the all the previous business. 
I listen to the wrong people
I took advise from friends that knew nothing about business but only shared another assumptions from the blogs and youtube videos that they watched.
That’s my story, a short one.
My point is get yourself a coach to guide you and cut 10 years of mistakes and be successful in less  Thetime. 
I can’t promise you to be successful. I only can show you how to do it and avoid those mistakes so you can excel faster in your journey. 
Let’s make it happen this time. 
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